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Choose our BioGuard service that keeps your pool sanitary and clean at all times. Enjoy weekly service in Three Easy Steps:


Step 1: sanitizes to kill bacteria.

Step 2: oxidizes and clarifies.

Step 3: prevents the buildup of algae.

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What Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks do for your pool

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  • Kills bacteria

  • Controls algae

  • Makes water feel velvety smooth

  • Protects pool equipment for a longer life

  • Prevents metal staining and corrosion

  • Offers SunShield technology to

  • protect chlorine from sunlight

Smart Shock offers fast action when your pool needs it

  • Keeps water clear

  • Shocks, oxidizes, buffs, and clarifies

  • Kills bacteria and prevents more growth

  • Blue algae-fighting crystals kill algae

  • No need to pre-dissolve or mix

Keep your pool blue with Algae All 60

  • Highly-effective algae preventative

  • Treats algae growth

  • Does not foam

  • Does not stain

  • Effective on all types of algae

  • Does not affect water pH

  • Recommended for pools that have an attached spa or other water feature

Added algae protection when you use Back Up

  • BioGuard's strongest algae preventative

  • Prevents a wide variety of algae growth

  • Keeps stable in sunlight and doesn't evaporate

  • As water temperature rises, activity increases

  • Does not affect water pH

  • Does not stain


Say "so long" to all your algae problems with Banish

  • Kills all types of pool algae

  • Fast-acting

  • Results within 24 hours

  • Swimmers can enter water soon after treatment

  • Non-staining formula

  • Non-foaming formula

  • Clears water while killing algae


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Clears cloudy water fast

  • Does not effect PH

  • Restores water to sparkling blue

  • Does not require dilution

  • Can be used in all pool and filter types

  • Use once a week

Protects your pool and equipment from scale formation

  • Protects chlorine generator cell

  • Keeps chlorine generator working at optimum performance

  • Use annually